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Marvel Tales: Spider-Man – Volume 159 (Inglês)


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“Where Flies the Beetle…!” Abner Jenkins is released from prison after serving his sentence and he plots his revenge on The Human Torch who last sent him there. Johnny Storm reads the newspaper and decides to find him before it’s too late but can’t find him much to the annoyance of Dorrie, his girlfriend. Johnny then has to promise her not to flame on for 24 hours or else it’s over. After some jealousy and relationship drama ensues, Pete decides to rile up Johnny Storm by making Dorrie swoon over Spider-Man as well. Yet as he reaches her house, he runs into the Beetle and begins to fight when he sees his intentions aren’t for good. Dorrie sees the fighting and calls Johnny but Johnny sees it as a trick to get him to flame on. The Beetle snatches Dorrie as bait for The Human Torch and Spider-Man gives chase. Johnny shows up at her house just to humor her, and sees the house is a wreck and realizes Dorrie was telling the truth after all. He chases off after Spider-Man figuring that he was involved. The Human Torch decides to fight Spider-Man instead of hearing him out and only realizes the truth when he sees the Beetle flying nearby with Dorrie in his hands. The Torch and Spidey work together in cornering the Beetle in an abandoned housing complex and once wrapped up in webbing is ready for the police.

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  • Editora:Marvel Comics 
  • Idioma:Inglês
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